Thank you for praying for Thaddeus Irvine

Many of you may have prayed for a man in Missionary Travis Snode’s ministry.  He is doing much better and I just wanted to  share this picture and the note that his wife just sent.  Please keep praying.

Prayers have definitely been answered for Thaddeus Irvine. He has indeed been graciously looked after by Almighty God. 

It has touched our hearts to know that so many people near and afar,  have e-mailed their support and offer of prayers. What it is to be a Christian, and have so many brothers and sisters in Christ. Amen!

Thaddeus has  come through his heart surgery and is progressing very well. He is back near his family in the local hospital. He will be there for approx  2 weeks to complete a course of anti-biotics intravenously.
I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for thinking of Thaddeus and my family during the last month or so. Attached is a picture of Merie, Thaddeus and Travis Snode on the 15th October.
God bless you all from Northern Ireland,
Merie Irvine

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