Andria and Andrew are getting ready to come home from the hospital!

The morning after Mom and Andrew spend some quiet time together before leaving the hospital.

A close up of Andrew Paul Gardner!

Dad, mom, and Andrew spending some time alone.

Jacob and Hannah meet their new little brother.

You are looking at a miracle family.  There was no way Chris and Andria could have children but no one counted on the great power of the God of Heaven.  There were two of the most precious children in the world that needed a family to love them.  God worked miracle after miracle that had our hearts in our throats but finally one day Jacob and Hannah became part of the famly.  Now along comes Andrew Paul.  Physically no one thought that it was possible for a baby to be born naturally but then isn’t that just like the God we serve to work a miracle. 

Today as granddaddy I have been rejoicing in how great our God is so I decided to just ask Him to give Andria and Chris a couple more to just prove how great and powerful He is.  What a wonderful, loving, and kind God we serve.

The family all together, Chris–dad, Andria–mom, Jacob, Hannah, and Andrew.  They are on their way home from the hospital even now.

Never let yourself forget how good God has been.  Never let your children forget all the miracles that God has done in the family.  What a mighty God is He.

Jacob taking care of his little brother for the first time.

Hannah taking care of her little sister for the first time!

Well God has given us 4 wonderful children, all married, and all serving God.  He has now given us 9 wonderful grandchildren.  One more is to be born in February. 

Thank you for praying for all of our family.

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