Pastor’s School third night

Well it was a wonderful day and God blessed tremendously.  This morning I preached on right and wrong judging and the attitude we are to have one towards another as Christians.  Tonight I preached about the relationship we have with the Lord Jesus Christ.  We started out by grace and we are to continue to walk and live by grace.  God really touched hearts and I am thankful that I was allowed to have a small part in the service tonight.  It really is all of Him.

The attendance has been great, the spirit has been wonderful, and God is being glorified and magnified.  I ask you to pray for one more day of this special pastor’s school.  Then on Saturday we have a breakfast meeting with the pastors that are here to just get to spend some time together.  Then on Sunday I imagine that I will be preaching in several different services.  Tuesday I leave Arequipa for Lima and on to the house on Wednesday.

I thought of you and prayed for you tonight back at Vision.  I missed you very much and so wanted to be there just to see what our great God is doing with you.

Andria is having no contractions.  I am beginning to wonder if I will get to be here when the baby is born.  Please pray that God will send him on soon.

I hope each of you are praying and working towards getting people to be with us in the services and especially for the Fall Festival.  It is a greater honor and privilege than I could ever explain that God has given me in allowing me to pastor the most wonderful people and the greatest church in the world. Thank God and thank you.

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