Pastor’s School second night

Today we had the first day sessions. Last night I preached on “Little by little” and that is how God is going to give us the promises that He has for our lives like He did with the children of Israel as they took the promised land.  This morning I preached on Him taking us where we have never been before from Joshua 3.  Tonight we studied the book of James on the Tongue and the Gutless Gossip. 

The choir and special music has literally been out of this world.  God has used every preacher and worked in very special ways.  God is moving in the lives of His men here and growing them as they prepare to serve Him even more.  He has allowed pastors to come from all over Peru as well as Chile and Bolivia.  It is a great Congress.

On a more personal note, Andria, our daughter in law, is on the verge of having a baby.  Possibly by the time that I write tomorrow we will have a baby.  Please be in prayer for her.  Even though God has given her two children by adoption this will be her first time to pass “this way”.

Betty and I are loving the chance to be here in Arequipa.  We love the climate, the city, the people and of course this ministry.  We have been asked by several to return but our hearts are at Vision and we look forward to returning to our church and the wonderful people that He has allowed us to serve there.  We love you and miss you.

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