First night of Pastor’s School in Arequipa, Peru

Last night God blessed in great ways in the Pastor’s School.  We had new pastors that have never attended.  The attendance last night was about 950 on Tuesday night–that is of real interest for two reasons, one we changed the dates because of some confusion about my travel and are only helping with 70% of the bus fares for the different churches with nothing for those that came in from outside the city.

I always paid for all the pastors from outside the city to come and 100% of the fares for the church buses.  As they move to get the work to be indigenous it hurts but it is growth and maturity.  I am very proud of them and how God is working.  There are more people from out of town than ever.  They are feeding about 500 people a day.  Even with all the reduction in expenses the conference will still cost over $5,000.  That is money that the missionaries will have to come up with.  Please pray that God provide in a special way.  As the different missionaries have traveled to other parts of the world that leaves less and less to pay for more and more.

I am so excited to see what God is doing with the construction.  Businessmen Committed to World Evangelism are so kind and so generous.  They are building first class buildings to be used in the training of the men and women here at the Peru Bible College.  I do not know how to thank them for the super kindness and work.

Last night after missionary Joe Kotvas preached several made a decision to accept Jesus Christ as their Savior.  He did a wonderful job. It was great to see Mike Staley and hear how wonderfully God is using him also.  God has been so good to us and is giving all that He ever promised and more.  It is a dream come true.

Thank you for praying for us.  I will leave in just a few minutes and go preach and teach for two hours and then do some counseling.  From there I will have a little time to get ready for tonight.  Thank you for everything.

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