Urgent prayer request from Jason Holt!

This just came in from Jason Holt.  I really want us to help him in any way that we can.
God has performed a miracle!  We have just received confirmation that the ideal piece of land only 100 yards from our church is up for sale.  I spoke personally with the owner and he has several businesses already seriously interested.  Beyond our understanding, he is allowing us the first option on the land.  He is Catholic and believes that offering us the land will better his relationship with God.  He has also agreed to terms that allow us some time to raise the funds. 

This week, we will pay $4000.00 US as a deposit.  We then have 90 days to raise the remaining $62,000.00 US.  The total cost of the land is $66,000.00 US, which is an exceptional price.  This land is situated on a corner lot of two main avenues.

Yes, this is a considerable amount of money.  And yes, we have very little time to get the money together.  But we believe that God has opened this door of opportunity and that He will provide every cent!  Will you please pray about what God would have you give for this project?  No gift is too small! 

Please send offerings/donations to:

Macedonia World Baptist Missions
P. O. Box 519
Braselton, GA 30517
c/o Holt building fund

Also, due to the time restrictions, please notify us via email at holt@biblicalmissions.com  if you are sending an offering.  This will enable us to keep track of the progress.  If you would like further details, please call us at 770-456-5614 or email us.  There are several details we would love to share with you to further explain why this is such an awesome opportunity. 

Thank you in advance for your prayers and sacrifices. 

Jason Holt

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