Wonderfully blessed day with Matthew’s Banquet

Thank you for praying for this wonderful day!  Thank you for inviting people and for working so hard.  Here is just a small report about what God did today.  In Sunday School we had 121 and for the AM service and banquet we had a total of 181.  The Spanish service with Pastor Ronald Tubillas had 30 in attendance which was a record day for them also.  Of the 181 this morning more than 75 were from minorities and other cultures, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, Kenya, Jamaican, Turkish, Kurdish, African American, and others that I am sure that I am forgetting.  That was our dream from the beginning, to be a church for all people. 

3 people were saved in the Spanish service and one was saved in the English service.  Two people joined as you will read in the previous post.  It was a wonderful day.

Thanks to this wonderful attendance our averages are up for this month.  August Sunday school average was 63 and September ended up being 75.25.  The AM service averaged 81.75 in August and September ended with 107.75.  Sunday evening in August we averaged 58 and September ended with 61 as our average.  God has blessed in ways that we can’t explain and has been so good to us.

Our church came together like never before and worked together for God’s honor and glory.  God showed Himself, His power, and was glorified.  That is our deepest desire.  Thank God for a wonderful day!

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