Jason Holt needs a miracle in Chile!


Jason is doing a tremendous job in Santiago, Chile.  I would like to ask you to pray seriously about what you could do to help.  Please pray for them.

We have been praying for several months that God would open some door of opportunity for our church to buy a building.  We are currently renting a building that has limited space.  We praise the Lord that the church is steadily growing, and soon we will be out of room.


In our area it would cost over a quarter of a million dollars to get a 1,000 sq. meter lot (I think that’s about a ½ acre).  Needless to say, we have put that option on hold!   But, we can purchase two connected houses (about 400 sq. meters in total) for about 50,000-60,000 dollars.  The problem is that it is very difficult to find two connected house for sale… on a main avenue… within a close proximity of our current location… for an affordable price.  Basically we need God to do a miracle! 

Just a few days ago, we found out that less than 100 yards from our current location a man is going to sell a 575 square meter CORNER LOT that has two houses on it.  The lot is on the corner of the intersection of the two main avenues in our area!!  

This would be three times the size of our current location! 

He wants to sell near the end of the year for 40 million pesos ($76,000). 

Please pray that God will have his way in the following areas: 

The man will decide 100% to sell the property – he is making the decision now 

That we could raise $80,000 – we would need about $5,000 to remodel the facility 

That we will have grace when we talk to the owner.  God willing next week a man from our church will be contacting him to discuss the possibility. 

I have $2,000 currently saved for a new building, and the church here in Chile, God willing, will have over $2,500 raised by the end of November.  

We need a miracle!!

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