Last night I had the opportunity to meet and spend some time with some very special men.  These men are giving their all to get the gospel to the Arabic Muslim world and that weighs heavily on our hearts.  Here is a note about the man I met pulled off of a web page telling about a conference that he is about to speak in:

Michael is founder/Executive Director of Arabic Bible Outreach Ministries. Born in Beirut, Lebanon, he came to faith in Christ during the Lebanese civil wars. He has used his background in computer science to develop an internet outreach that daily caters to thousands of readers in the Arab world.

I thank God for men like Michael who have such a burden to get the gospel to the world.  Please be in prayer for this ministry and be sure to look it over at the following link:

 Especially take the time to check out Seven Suggestions For Witnessing To Muslims and also Why We Christians Should Love Muslims

God loves Muslims as much as He loves anyone.  It is our responisbility to pray for them and to try to tell them about the salvation that we have in Jesus Christ.

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