First Baptist Church, Long Beach, California

God gave Betty and me the most wonderful privilege of spending the last few days at the First Baptist Church of Long Beach California.  We were invited by Pastor Luis Parada, the Spanish pastor, to speak to 133 couples at their annual marriage retreat for the Spanish ministry.  It was a wonderful time in a beautiful Marriot Hotel in Palm Springs. While we were there 3 people I believe accepted Jesus Christ and two were baptized.  It was a very blessed time.

On Wednesday night before leaving for the Marriage Retreat I had the privilege of preaching to a combined service of the English and Spanish church.  I preached and translated my own message. 

Then on Sunday at 10 AM I preached to the English Church and from there at 11:50 AM I spoke to a Spanish Adult Sunday School class.  At 1:50 PM I spoke to the Spanish Church.  Brother Parada announced that they had 1245 people in attendance in the Spanish ministry that morning.  I believe 16 made professions of faith and 9 were baptized between the morning and evening service.

At 3 Brother Parada took us to lunch and by 5 PM we were back at the church to preach to the English Service and then at 7 PM to the Spanish Church.  It was a long and tiring day but it was a great privilege and blessing.  The church is a one of the kind church.  I really love how God is using them.

God also tremendously blessed the Vision Baptist Church in our absence.  Missionary Kevin Hall preached!  I have heard nothing but how wonderful he did.  In the evening service Trent Cornwell preached and was also greatly used.  The attendance was 84 for the Sunday morning service.  God is so good to us and I do not have words to express the thanks that I feel to God or the wonderful people that He has allowed me to work with.

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