Wonderful Labor Day Weekend!

I guess like any pastor I was worried about our Labor Day weekend attendance.  Last month we averaged 81.75 in the morning service.  I asked God to give us 80 in attendance just trying to ask for a miracle.  God blessed by giving us 61 in Sunday School, 78 in the morning service, and 69 for the evening service.  God was very good to us and much better than I ever expected.

The Sunday evening service brought in 13 people to the Spanish service.  That is a tremendous answer to prayer.  Sunday morning in total we had 6 different languages present.  God is allowing us to live our dreams.  He is so good to us.

This week we start our new prayer chain.  It will only be operating several hours on Tuesday but we have asked people to take 15 minute segments and to pray for your requests.  Feel free to send in your prayer requests and they will be given to each one who has taken on this ministry so that they can pray with you.

We were blessed this past week to have Macedonia missionary Jerry Nye drop into our service on Thursday night and then Missionary Steven Baker dropped in on us this Sunday.  I thank God that He has allowed us to be a missionary loving, sending and training church.

Don’t miss all the things that are going on this week: the men’s prayer meeting on Tuesday evening at 7 pm, the Our Generation Missionary Fellowship next Monday evening, the Thursday night service, and much more.  God bless you.

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