Labor Day Luau


Trent and Stephanie Cornwell the Mission’s Mobilizer at Vision Baptist Church along with several of the students and some missionaries hosted a very special day at his house today.  Mark Tolson and Philip Bassham teach Sunday School classes for the age group that they invited and God gave them great success and blessings today.

In total they had 71 people.  They were from several different nationalities such as: Kurdistan, China, and Turkey.  They also came from several different religions: Muslim, Buddhist, and Non-believers. About half of the people that came were from the church but the rest were visitors.

Several missionaries that will be working in that part of the world are really working with Trent, Philip, and Mark to reach people.  I am excited about what God is doing through their lives.  One of the missionary’s wifes had the privilege of leading a young Muslim girl to Christ.  This young lady excitedly went from person to person telling them that she had accepted Jesus Christ as her Savior and was now a Christian.

One of the missoinaries had given her a copy of the Bible and she wanted to ask questions, have discipleship with his wife, and learn how to explain what had happened to her.  I thought that you might like to praise God for what He is doing.



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