Changing our name!

World Vision Baptist Church is changing names.  Our new name will simply be Vision Baptist Church.  This is due to a conflict with the name of the relief agency which was never our intention.  We are still World Vision Baptist Church.  We still have the same goals and heart beat and tho our name will be Vision Baptist Church our vision will be to take the gospel of Jesus Christ to the entire world. 

We will continue to use both names over the next year or so and then the name change should be complete.  Our web pages will still work but the new main web page will be or  It will take some getting used to after this much time but we love the new name as well because it expresses exactly who we are.

Thank you so much for praying for us.  God is tremendously blessing.  Just today I heard of a young Muslim lady that has been attending our church giving testimony to the fact that she has prayed to Jesus Christ and is trusting Him for her salvation even though she is still a little confused.

Another testimony was of 2 young Muslim men that are learning a great deal about Jesus Christ and are interested enough that they are inviting their friends to church.  God is so good.

We ended the month of August with an average of 63 in Sunday School, 81.75 in the AM service and 58 for the Sunday evening service.  That is our best average yet.  It is an increase in average attendance of 15.5% over our best average which had been June of this year. 

Thank you and keep praying for us and the wonderful things that God is doing here.

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