Remembering the murdered five!

On January 8, 1956 Jim Elliot, Roger Youderian, Pete Fleming, Ed McCully, and Nate Saint were killed by the Auca Indians.  We will remember their lives and contributions to the cause of Christ tomorrow.  It has now been over 5o years since they gave their lives but God has accomplished untold and uncounted good from their lives.  They died physically but not spiritually and their deaths were not in vain but caused a great harvest for the cause of Christ.

Here are some links that will take you to information about the men who gave their lives:

Missionary Aviation Fellowship tells the story of Nate Saint.

Intouch’s article about Jim Elliot

Plymouth Brethren article and videos about their lives

Before the 5 left for the jungle they sang this song

Listen to the memorial service

More interesting biographical information

I hope you find the information interesting and helpful as we celebrate their lives and prepare to give ours for a cause that is greater than we are.

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