Learn to keep a journal from Jim Elliot

The following are quotes from the journals of Jim Elliot.  I would like to challenge each of you to take the time each day to write down your thoughts from your Bible reading and study.  Just a short brief note of how God is working in your life is a great tool to make you think and then to make you remember what God is and was doing in your life. 

I would also challenge you to get an accountability partner with whom you share what you write each day.  I do this in my e-sword Bible program and then email a copy to my wife and another friend.  It is a great accountability tool to make sure you read each day and also that you really meditate and get something from your time in the word.

“I seek not a long life, but a full one”

Father, make of me a crisis man. Bring those I contact to decision. Let me not be a milepost on a single road; make me a fork, that men must turn one way or another on facing Christ in me.

He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose.

I may no longer depend on pleasant impulses to bring me before the Lord. I must rather respond to principles I know to be right, whether I feel them to be enjoyable or not.

Wherever you are, be all there. Live to the hilt every situation you believe to be the will of God. 

He makes His ministers a flame of fire, Am I ignitable? God deliver me from the dread asbestos of ‘other things.’ Saturate me with the oil of the Spirit that I may be aflame. But flame is transient, often short-lived. Canst thou bear this my soul—short life? In me there dwells the spirit of the Great Short-Lived, whose zeal for God’s house consumed Him.”
God, I pray, light these idle sticks of my life and may I burn up for Thee. Consume my life, my God, for it is Thine. I seek not a long life but a full one like Yours, Lord Jesus (Jan 1948, as a junior in college).

Was much encouraged to think of a life of godliness in the light of an early death (Oct 27, 1949).

When it comes time to die, make sure that all you have to do is die (Mar 25, 1951).

Only I know that my own life is full. It is time to die, for I have had all a young man can have – at least this young man can have (Dec 22, 1951).


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