Next Two Sundays at World Vision Baptist are to remember and plan

The next two Sundays it will be our goal to remember two very special events in the history of missions.  Both are epic events that changed the face of world evangelism.  One seemed at the time to be obscure and maybe irrelevant and the other front page news but both are pivotal points in history. Come remember with us.  Come find out where you fit in.


In 1806, God used a Haystack to change the world!  It began with a group of five college students that gathered for prayer and had read the great commission and believed that the words were for them. This coming Sunday we will remember that great day and also pray and seek our place in what God would have us do.  A church should be full of passion to see God glorified around the world.  That is our goal.  Will you pray with us.  Come pray for the world.  Come get involved in faith promise missions.  God has a special place for you in His plans.

We will have prayer during the week and then end this special week on the following Sunday as we remember what happended to 5 very special young men who were killed by the Auca indians as they tried to take the gospel to them.  Satan thought that he won the victory when he had them killed but their blood and their death only fueled the flames of world evangelism.  Because of their deaths hundreds have surrendered to serve God around the world.


So don’t miss both Sundays and the special prayer times during the week. Each Sunday we have Sunday School and Adult Bible Fellowship at 9:30 am and then the main service at 10:30 am.  We would like to have you with us for both hours. Come and let us worship God together and try to find out how God can use us.

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