A church planter is beaten in Kyrgyzstan

The following article is of interest because Philip Bassham is a future missionary to this country.  Philip studies with us at the Our Generation Training Center and is a wonderful blessing to our church as he leads singing.  Please pray for Philip as he prepares to go to this country and needs support, prayer, and protection to do the ministry that God has called him to do there. 


Kyrgyzstan (MNN) — Next, violence against Christians in Kyrgyzstan has Christians on alert. The incident has directly impacted the work of the Bible League. The Bible League’s Scott Thunder describes it. “A Bible League trained church planter in Kara Kuldza, Kyrgyzstan and his son were surrounded by a mob of about 80 people and they beat him severely. The mob took all of our materials there and burned them. The burning lasted for four hours.” Thunder says this is a threat at the highest level to their ministry. “People who have stepped up and have said, ‘I am going to be a church planter,’ well now they’re marked people. And, trying to get other people to join the program, they’re seeing what’s happening to a lot of our staff and they’re shying away from it.” The spiritual battles makes the Bible League presence there even more important. However, Local leaders are petitioning to have them League kicked out of the region. Please pray.

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