The Our Generation Training Center

We are excited to have the privilege of hosting a class on “Hundredfold Men” this week at the Training Center.  God is working in the lives of many as we study how to disciple men and mentor leaders.  The goal is to prepare all the men we can to get the gospel to the world.

We truly believe that there is a literal burning Hell where men and women will spend eternity.  There is also a means of salvation.  We must do all within our power to get the gospel to them in our lifetimes.

To reach the world we must develop Men. Media, and Materials.  We must do all within our power to get the gospel to the world.  With the conditions in the world today and seeing what is happening in Israel we know that time is short before the return of Jesus Christ to rapture His church out.

Let’s be about the Master’s business while it is still day.

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