David and Katie Gardner’s prayer letter

It is so amazing to see how God uses every event in our lives to teach us and prepare us for the road ahead. It has been a wonderful month for Katie and I as we have been traveling on deputation. Each church that we have been in has been used by God to teach us so many things. The men of God that we have had the privilege to meet have given us wonderful bits of wisdom here and there that I know I will benefit from in the future. Here is an update on all that God has been doing.


35% Already Raised!

Thank you so much for your continual prayers and all that you do for us. This month, we recieved 35% of our needed support to reach the field. I thank God for His wonderful power and all that He has done in our lives. Please keep praying for us, we will be having meetings in south Georgia, Tennessee and Ohio during this month and hope that God will do a great work throughout our travels.

First Circuit Rider

Gustavo has already passed his driver’s license test and will begin to use the motorcycle given to us by Holy Ground Baptist Church within the next couple of weeks. He is currently in the villages of Pocci and Polobaya, where he has two families that he has won to the Lord and is discipling them. Please keep praying for Gustavo and also the two villages: Pocci and Polobaya.

8th Annual Youth Congress

State of Emergency was the theme for the 8th annual youth congress in Arequipa, Peru.
It was an exciting thing to receive calls from my brother, Chris Gardner, during the week telling me how wonderfully God had blessed. Every night there was an average of over 1300 people and there were over 50 that made a profession of faith. I thank God for all that He did throughout that wonderful week and can’t wait to get back there and get involved!

The “Our Generation Summit” is going to be one of the most exciting times of the year. I look forward to seeing God’s hand move in a mighty way and give us a greater burden to see the world reached with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I know that you will greatly benefit from this event. Please pray about attending the Our Generation Summit in Gatlinburg, Tn. this year. We would love for you to organize a church group to come, or even come individually.


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