The following letter came from Keith Shumaker–Our missionary to Burkina Faso!

We are finally back in Ouagadougou. We are glad to be back home. Furlough was a good break for me physically as my body was tremendously worn out, but we are extremely excited about the future. We have great plans. We have a great desire to have a church in the middle of town. We have been looking at a few different possibilities. This is not going to be a cheap purchase, but we feel it is vital to the ministry. Please pray with us as we have wept and prayed earnestly over this. We have been getting some land, but it is on the outskirts. This will be good in 4-5 years, but we need something now that we can use to reach the more populated areas of town as well as see young people called out into the service of the Lord. On the outskirts, people are very uneducated, but in the middle of town, we have a greater possibility of reaching the more educated. We want to reach the outskirts too. First, however, we need to find and train leaders that can help us. The task of reaching this country is more than we alone can handle without trained nationals.

We have been blessed by a wonderful group of young people for the past month. They worked hard and showed the love of Christ to the people here. We did three different Vacation Bible Schools. We had great attendance, the highest being the day we had over 250. One of the VBS’s was in our village work called Rungo. We had a great time amongst the people, and even had the chance to sleep out under the stars. Some of the people of the village asked why the American young people played with their children and picked them up and loved on them when they were poor and dirty.

We also had an evangelism campaign in a new place in Ouagadougou. We have been given a piece of land there, but we haven’t started the church yet. I thought it might be a good time to make a little noise and let the neighbors know that we will soon be starting the church there. We had over 100 the first night and about 90 the second night. God moved, and we had over 25 salvation decisions. We couldn’t have asked for better group of young people and we know that the ministry will grow as a result of their efforts.

We found out that our church had been way down in attendance. In our absence, only about 30 people were coming. On our first Saturday back in town, we had visitation in the area, and the next day we had about 65 for the service. Lately, we have been running over one hundred, many of which are children. We know, however, that this is the future of the church. Almost every Sunday we have had somebody trust Christ as their Saviour. We have been averaging over 100 the last few weeks.

We have had some problems with our young men here, but we are working to restore them. Please pray for us; God is moving, but Satan is also working in alarming ways. He wants to destroy the lives and testimonies of our young men. 

phone: 011-228-50-36-47-61

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