Atlantic City Casinos

I am reading the World Magazine and thought that there were some very interesting thoughts in an article entitled  “Race to the Bottom”.  They ask the following question:  What do you call an industry that doesn’t produce a product?  Answer: gambling.

The first paragraph says, In 1979 at the Cheltenham Mall in Philadelphia I struck up a conversation with a middle age man sittingon a bench in a rumpled dark suit and two day stubble.  He as insistently Persian (not Iranian) and had slept in his car, having lost house, wife, and self respect at the Atlantic City casinos across the Delaware River.  There were nights he couldn’t even cross the Ben Franklin Bridge to get back to Pennsylvania because he had gambled away the 25 cent toll.  It was the author’s first exposure to gambling addiction.

Gambling costs our society big money.  I challenge you to stay away from the lottery and any other form of gambling.  They allow a few to get rich to keep the suckers coming.  God has given you more intelligence than that. God bless you.

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