Young Americans staying home

As I was on the plane last night I got a copy of USA Today and noticed a snapshot on the front page that has some interesting facts for us as we try to challenge young men and women with the idea of taking the gospel to the world.  According to the paper 70% of Americans from the ages of 18 to 24 have not traveled outside the USA in the last three years even one time.  14% have made one trip, 7% have made two trips, and 9% have made three or more trips outside the USA.

When we have desire of placing before our young people the need to go to the world we are faced with several obstacles: first, most do not even consider what God would have them to do with their lives, second, if they do consider God’s will they will seek something close to home, and thirdly, at least according to this article it is now almost unamerican to travel outside the USA.  I challenge you to help me get young men and women to other countries to see them and get a burden for others and realize what they can do. 

I thank God for those of the World Vision Baptist Church that are working to get young men and women to step outside of themselves and consider what God might have them to do around the world.

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