I am now sitting in the airport in Lima, Peru waiting on my flight to leave for Atlanta.  I have to wait about 6 hours.  As I flew out of Arequipa all that I could think was how good God has been and all that He is doing in Arequipa. Things are better than they have ever been.  I am certain some may have felt that my leaving would cause great problems in the ministry there but to be honest what I saw was more encouraging than I could ever express.

First the finances of the Bible College have never been handled and met in such a special way.  God is providing for everything far better than when I was in Peru.  Chris is doing a great job.  Without a doubt it has been a lot of work for him but he has more than risen to the challenge.  The Bible College is growing.  The churches are stronger than ever.  This was the absolute best youth congress that we have ever had.

I know that you have been praying for us and I want to thank you for your prayers.  Thank you for praying for Chris and Andria.  Thank you for praying for the Bible College.  I would never have left had I not known that it was God’s will and also that there were people in place that could do as good a job as I was doing–the truth be known things are better than ever before.

A few years ago a friend, Jerry Henline, from First Baptist Church, Milford, Ohio was visiting us.  He went to the Hunter Baptist Church which was the first church where I had worked.  The church had grown and was doing great.  He asked the pastor, Miguel Murillo, what had happened.  Miguel joked and said that he had had to wait until I got out of the way for him to get things growing.  Jerry and I laughed a lot at that comment because that is exactly what a missionary wants.  He wants to build a ministry that can continue without him and do a great job.  Miguel did just that.  Now Chris would never say that even joking but the truth is that I got out of the way and things are flying high.  God is doing a great work.

Your investment in our ministry over the years has been a great blessing but as well has provided a lot of fruit to your account.  It will also continue to pour out more fruit for all that are getting saved, trained, and going out into the ministry all over South America.  For years we have unselfishly helped any missionary that we could and the ministry continues to do the same.

We had over 1400 last night in the conference.  It was wonderful to see the Spirit of God move over the auditorium in power and to see people yielding their lives to God to serve Him in any way that He wishes.

I will give you more updates in the future and more pictures of the beautiful construction, the wonderful crowds, and the great blessings that our God is pouring out on His people.

I am now very anxious to get back to Alpharetta to see what God has in store for us.  This week has been like a battery charging session for me.  It has renewed my faith about what God is going to do in World Vision Baptist Church.  I know that He has great things in mind.  As I stood on the platform in front of 1400 hundred people and heard a wonderful choir, great singing groups, great preaching, etc all that thundered through my heart was — God do it again.  Please pray it is on the way.  There will be many Satanic attacks, there will be criticism, there will be disappointments but God will work a work in our day that we will not even be able to imagine or believe.

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