Arequipa Youth Congress

The attendance has been about 600 in the day sessions and more than 1200 in the evening services.  Young people have come to the congress from all over the country and other neighboring countries. The first night the team had to purchase 100 foam rubber mattresses to sleep all the people who came in from outside the city. On Wednesday night they had to make another emergency purchase of 100 more.  We have never had so many people attend the conference from outside the city and this without paying to help people with their travel money from outside the city.  God has truly blessed.

There are classes all day and evening.  Several were saved last night and others are announcing their call to the ministry. I have had the privilege of preaching each morning and evening.   We have looked at how to get God’s direction for your life and also how to maintain holiness in your personal life.  The Peruvian pastors and missionaries are preaching in each service as well.  It is a wonderful congress.

I will be leaving Arequipa tomorrow afternoon, Friday, to go to Lima and then on to Atlanta.  Please pray for my trip.  God has been very gracious to me allowing me to fly to Santiago first class and then I just checked on line and I am set to fly business class back to Atlanta.  They are small things but it is good to see how God blesses even in small things like personal comforts.

Tonight World Vision Baptist Church will have their evening service and I am praying for them and asking God to give them a wonderful service.  Brother Tony Howeth has been a great blessing preaching in the church and I also must thank Mark Coffey for all the load that he has had to carry.  I look forward to seeing all of you again on this Sunday.

Austin from Arequipa

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