First Night of the Youth Congress in Arequipa, Peru

Tonight was wonderful.  I think that it was the best first night that we have ever had at one of our conferences.  There were about 1200 in attendance and 16 people made professions of faith.  The choir was the best that I have ever heard them.  I was completely and totally awed by what God is doing.

Thank you for praying.  Tonight I preached on Gideon and how that the greatest work is the work in one person getting him or her ready to do the ministry.  God really touched lives. 

There is a wonderful church down here with us.  Grace Baptist Church from Bridgeport, West Virginia with Pastor Jeff Vaughan.  They are helping in the kitchen and working in different ministries and are a tremendous blessing.

We are asking God to continue to do great things this week so I ask that you pray for us and watch God do great things.

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