Peru Bible College

I just got through with a tour of the Peru Bible College and was extremely impressed.  God has blessed and things are in tremendous shape.  The construction has advanced by leaps and bounds.  It has to be some of the most impressive buildings in Arequipa.  The way the business side of things is run is far away and above better than I ever did.  I could not be prouder of our son, Chris, than I am.  Things are being done really right.

As I looked at everything all I could think was I should have left sooner.  If I had known that Chris and the team that works with him could have done such a good job I truly believe that I would have turned it over to him before I did.  I really would like to invite you to come and see all the wonderful things that God is doing here.

I also just had the privilege to eat lunch with the Grace Baptist Church from Bridgeport, West Virginia.  Pastor Jeff Vaughn and several of his people are here.  Their church supported our family for 20 years as we worked here and we are excited to get to spend a few days with them and for them to see where their mission’s money has gone.

I hope that you will plan to make a trip to Arequipa to see the great work that God is doing.  Thank you for praying for us and all that is to happen this week.  Pray for the Youth Conference that starts tomorrow.  I will keep you updated.

 Austin from Arequipa, Peru

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  1. I hope to get some pictures up today or tomorrow. It is really looking good. Chris has done a tremendous job and I am very proud of everything that I am seeing down here

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