First Day back in Peru

Well today was our first day back in Peru since we resigned and returned to the states at the end of last year.  It was the longest that I have been out of the country since January of 1988. This morning I preached at 8 am at Faith then on to Smyrna at 9:30 and then from there we went to Hunter to get a tour of the new building that was just purchased beside the church.  I had wanted to buy it several years ago but God just worked it out a few weeks ago.  From there we returned to Faith and preached the second service.  The church is doing wonderful.  They are growing and reaching more people and God is blessing them financially.  I am very proud of them and the work that Chris and Andria are doing there.  It was wonderful to hear the great music and see so many old friends. One person made a profession of faith in the first service today.

After church at a little past noon we went to one of my favorite restaurants and had a wonderful meal before meeting with the pastors from 3 to 5.  Then from there on to preach again at 6 pm.  God gave us a wonderful day and I have enjoyed it immensely.  Then on to a couple of hours of counseling and then a visit to the doctor to have them look at my knee and I am finally home.  It has been a wonderful day and so I thank you for praying.

I think one of the most wonderful parts of the day was to hear how well things went at World Vision Baptist Church. Even though so many of our people were out of town the attendance was right where it would have been had I of been there.  The church people worked very hard and we had 53 in Sunday School and 62 for church.  Mark Coffey told me he was praying for 60 and God obviously answered his prayer.  Thank you for doing your part to make it such a wonderful day.  In a church as small as ours even one person that is absent is defiinitely missed but today we had 23 people who were not at the service.  God obviously poured out his blessings.

 I am also very thankful Tony Howeth who I am sure did a great job preaching all day and was such a blessing to our church.  I thank God for His goodness today. 

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