Pray for David Gates’ dad

David Gates is a very fine young man that studied with us in Arequipa, Peru and is not in the BCWE program at Lighthouse Baptist Church in Dawsonville, Georgia.  His dad is in really bad health and needs you to pray for him. I will put a couple of the emails that I have gotten here for you to know what you might do to be a blessing to him. 


Please pray for Fred Gates, David Gate’s dad. He is on life support today. The doctor’s say he is improving but just last Thursday night they didn’t know if he’d make it through the night. Pray for David and his mom as well.

If you’d like to give David a call that would be a huge encouragement to him. Call him at 757-570-1574


 just called David and he seemed to really appreciate the call.  I would like to encourage you to give him a call if you can.  He told me things are looking up but they’re still not out of the dark yet.   




 Please be in prayer and we will try to keep you updated




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