First Night of the Chile Youth Congress

God blessed tremendously tonight.  Jason asked all of us to pray for over 100 and God sent 115 people.  Then a 23 year old young man accepted Jesus as his personal Savior.  It was his third time to be in the church and so exciting to see God work.  Then a young man was also called to preach. 

Lori Holt has become quite the piano player since she arrived in Chile.  It is wonderful to see her doing whatever it takes to get the work of God done here.

Jason Kenney preached a good message.  Jason Holt is a very good translator.

I ask you to please be praying for the services here.  Pray that God will work in hearts and lives and that He will provide young men and women to begin studying in the Bible School that Jason and Also will be starting.

Also check out the web page and see that we are now featuring the missionary of the week and I want you to keep up with each of them.

Betty, my wife, is on her way to Peru right now and is sitting in the Miami airport.  Thanks so much for praying.

Austin from Santiago

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  1. There were several pastors in the service with several people from their churches. Aldo Asto of course was there and then maybe 4 other pastors. I would have to ask Jason to be sure how many others.

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